The UNEP Major Groups and Stakeholders Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance, with experts from all regions and major groups, provided input to the International Environmental Governance (IEG) processes leading up to Rio+20 in June 2012.

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Preparing next AG output

Since we shall not be having a full AG meeting in Bonn, the following is general guidance on our next set of outputs for the UNCSD Bureau by its deadline of 1 November. The Bureau wants content for a draft working document for UNCSD. Our submissions should therefore be short practical proposals (designed to be copy/pasted into the working document) with some explanatory text, no more than 2-3 pages each. Longer discussions, illustrative case studies and working examples can be posted on our web site to be available if the bureau staff wishes to consult them.

Partial AGIEG meeting in Bonn 1-2 September

We shall try to organize a partial meeting of the Advisory Group in Bonn, Germany, sometime on 1-2 September, when UNEP is organizing an international consultation on Rio +20 on September 1, and UNEP Regional Office for Europe will hold the Regional Coordination Meeting Europe on September 2. On September 3-5 there will be the UN DPI conference, organised by UN DPI, with a focus on Rio +20. AG members or alternates who plan to attend should advise the co-coordinators.

Invitation to the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and Pacific

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) organises, in collaboration with United Nations University, the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and Pacific (ISAP 2011) to be held in Yokohama, Japan from 26 - 27 July 2011.
ISAP is an annual event that IGES organises since 2009 to address priority sustainability policy issues. On 26 July, Mr. Klaus Toepfer, former UNEP Executive Director will address ISAP 2011. Dr. Atiq Rahman, IEG Advisory Group member will address climate change adaptation on 26 July as well. 

Asian IEG AG members met in Beijing on 27 May 2011

Neth, Norichika and myself met in Beijing and interacted with other Asian NGO and CSO colleauges on the issues related to Rio 2012. UNEP colleague from Bangkok shared with us the schedules of the sub-regional Rio 2012 meetings. We discussed issues related to some options of IEG strengthening including UNEP upgrading, expansion of UNEP national and regional programme portofolio, global convention on access to env. info/decision making/justice, and the UN sustainable development council. The report will be shared with you shortly.

New AG IEG workplan to November 2011

The Advisory Group has launched a new workplan, and is setting up drafting groups on key issues, to prepare its submission to the Bureau of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development by the 1 November deadline.

Submission to Global Sustainability Panel 28 March

While we were in New York, the Advisory Group was invited to make a contribution to the Secretary-General's Global Sustainability Panel through the Non-Governmental Liaison Service, with a deadline of 28 March, following a set questionnaire. Our paper was submitted on time and posted on the NGLS web site, while a number of extracts were quoted in the summary report to the GSP.

PrepCom II for Rio2012, 6-8 March 2011

Several AG members were present in New York for the 2nd Preparatory Committee for Rio 2012 on 7-8 March 2011. On 6 March, UNEP and Stakeholder Forum organized an all-day Stakeholder Consultation on International Environmental Governance, with AG members Maria Ivanova, Thomas Jacob and Susanne Salz as panelists and Arthur Dahl as a break-out group facilitator. During the PrepCom, UNEP and CIEL organized a side event on IEG with Dan Magraw as co-chair and Achim Steiner, Arthur Dahl, Adil Najam, and Finnish and Kenyan representatives of the Consultative Group as panelists.

AG in Nairobi 18-24 February 2011

The Advisory Group had its first full meeting in Nairobi on 18 February 2011, with 21 members and alternates present. The agenda included a joint meeting for an hour with the Major Groups and Stakeholders Facilitating Committee (which decided the AG terms of reference and selected its members). UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner also joined the meeting for 1 1/2 hours to discuss our work so far and the way forward. We held a further short meeting on 21 February to discuss thematic topics for our future work, and our participation in the GC/GMEF.

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