AG in Nairobi 18-24 February 2011

The Advisory Group had its first full meeting in Nairobi on 18 February 2011, with 21 members and alternates present. The agenda included a joint meeting for an hour with the Major Groups and Stakeholders Facilitating Committee (which decided the AG terms of reference and selected its members). UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner also joined the meeting for 1 1/2 hours to discuss our work so far and the way forward. We held a further short meeting on 21 February to discuss thematic topics for our future work, and our participation in the GC/GMEF.

With so many of our members in Nairobi, we had a significant presence at the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum on 19-20 February. The AG co-coordinators were panelists in the discussion on IEG along with the Finnish Ambassador, the Kenyan Assistant Minister (who took part in the AG teleconference before Helsinki), and Dr. Bradnee Chambers, UNEP Senior Legal Officer.

During the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF) on 21-24 February, where the Advisory Group paper on Civil Society and International Environmental Governance (UNEP/GC.26/INF/19) was twice on the agenda for discussion, we made a statement in the Committee of the Whole, and Maria Ivanova was included in the panel on IEG during the Ministerial segment. The AG had its own seat in the Governing Council along with the 9 Major Groups. In the four ministerial round tables on IEG, two or three AG members were included in the discussants (out of four places allocated to major groups).