Preparing next AG output

Since we shall not be having a full AG meeting in Bonn, the following is general guidance on our next set of outputs for the UNCSD Bureau by its deadline of 1 November. The Bureau wants content for a draft working document for UNCSD. Our submissions should therefore be short practical proposals (designed to be copy/pasted into the working document) with some explanatory text, no more than 2-3 pages each. Longer discussions, illustrative case studies and working examples can be posted on our web site to be available if the bureau staff wishes to consult them.
Draft at much as you can by the end of August, to be available for discussion by the AG members who are in Bonn. Each draftng group should circulate a draft of its work by 15 September. We shall then compile a draft submission from the AG by 30 September so that it can be circulated for comment by the AG and the wider community and delivered to the UNCSD Bureau by its deadline.