Asian IEG AG members met in Beijing on 27 May 2011

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Neth, Norichika and myself met in Beijing and interacted with other Asian NGO and CSO colleauges on the issues related to Rio 2012. UNEP colleague from Bangkok shared with us the schedules of the sub-regional Rio 2012 meetings. We discussed issues related to some options of IEG strengthening including UNEP upgrading, expansion of UNEP national and regional programme portofolio, global convention on access to env. info/decision making/justice, and the UN sustainable development council. The report will be shared with you shortly.
My office, IGES plans to hold an Interational Forum for Asia and Pacific in Yokohama, Japan from 26 - 27 July 2011. I have been struggling to secure funds to sponsor the participants, but so far not successful. However, Atiq Rahman, Norichika and myself plan to meet there with some other IGES colleagues to discuss the issues. If any of other members can join us, we will certainly welcome you.
We will post the details of the Conference shortly. In the meantime, if you have any comment/suggestion, please let me know.
p.s. I thank you for those who sent me kind words wishing me safety and recovery in connection with the disaster that hits Japan last March. I apologize if my response didn't reach you in a timely manner due to the technical problems. We need to keep close eyes on nuclear issues while advancing reconstruction. My office has launched a research programme on this topic as well, and hope to support disaster mitigation/reconstruction processes and provide lessons useful for the international community.


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IEG and emergency response

Thank you, Masanori, for stimulating Asian regional activities. Based on the recent traumatic events in Japan, do you have any concrete suggestions for strengthening contingency planning and emergency response in IEG?